Contest for National Holidays

Contest for National Holidays

Concurso Fiestas


This document sets out the parameters of participation, as well as the exclusions, restrictions, terms and conditions of the promotional activity by NATIONAL HOLIDAYS, which will be binding and opposable to all those who participate in the publication corresponding to the draw, who declare to understand and accept the terms and conditions as well as the procedures and systems established by LEVAPAN DEL PERU SAC hereinafter also referred to as "the organizer" to participate. Failure to comply will result in your exclusion from the promotion or the revocation of the prizes.


It is owned by Levapan del Perú SAC domiciled at Carretera Central No. 221 Santa Anita Lima Perú, the Facebook site @LevapanPE for the activity is open to the public, which is available at the address:


Participants from all over the national territory will be admitted and will be valid for a duration of 22 days from publication, this being the maximum date on which contestants can participate, from July 18 to August 8 at 11:59 pm. The results will be published on the Levapan Peru fanpage on Tuesday, August 9.


3.1. The person who wants to participate can win 1 of the 10 pack of Levapan products.

3.2 The participant must react to the corresponding publication and follow our Levapan Peru page.

3.3 The participant must tag a friend or contact in the comments of the publication.

3.4 The participant will have to make sure that their profile is public and not private when sharing the publication of the draw

3.5 The participant will be able to triple their chances of winning by entering our Live on July 27 and commenting "Fiestas Patrias con Levapan" on the stream.

3.6 The participant may be awarded the prize of a pack of Levapan products by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • They must be over eighteen (18) years of age,
  • Include their full names
  • Follow the Facebook page:
  • Be of Peruvian nationality.
  • In case of foreigners, be legally constituted in the country

3.7 The prize announced in the contest cannot be exchanged for another prize or cash.

3.8 The winning participant will be notified by Facebook statuses and we will contact them through the platform.

3.9 The product pack includes the following:

  • 1 und chantilly cream for fine pastry UHT x 1kg.
  • 1 und semisweet chocolate coverage x 1kg
  • 1 und pastry cream x 2.5 kg.
  • 1 und strawberry flavor glassé x 1 kg.

3.10 The raffle is supported by a recording of the same through the application ´´App Sorteos´´ and the winner of the same will be published in our Facebook states with a screenshot of the lottery. The recording will be available to anyone who requests its backup.


4.1. Prize winners will be contacted via Facebook to coordinate the delivery of the prize.

4.2. The winners authorize Levapan del Peru SAC to publish their names and surnames on the Levapan Peru Facebook site (@LevapanPE)

4.3 The prize (Levapan pack) will be delivered on Monday, August 15, the winners will have to collect their prize at the Levapan facilities. Carretera Central 221 – Santa Anita, from 2 to 4 pm with original DNI.

4.4. The winners will be selected through a random app that will allow us to choose the 10 lucky ones.

4.5. Any person who is currently a dependent worker of the Organizer cannot be the winner of this contest.


In the event of well-founded reasons of force majeure, fortuitous event, or acts of third parties, such as natural disasters, wars, strikes or riots, as well as situations that affect the activity; or in case of detecting a fraud or attempted fraud to the detriment of the Organizer or its participants, LEVAPAN DEL PERU SAC. You can modify this activity in whole or in part, as well as temporarily or permanently suspend it without assuming any responsibility in this regard. In these cases, the basis for the measures adopted, as well as the evidence that demonstrates the existence of the cause invoked by the Organizer, will be available to any interested party.

The people who participate, relieve the Organizer of any responsibility for any damage, to people or things, that could be caused by the inappropriate handling and/or consumption of the promotional products, and in general, LEVAPAN DEL PERU SAC. will not be responsible for any damage or harm suffered, directly or indirectly and in connection with the performance of this promotional activity or with the prizes offered within it.

Any attempt or method of participation and/or profit in the Activity that is carried out by any process, technique or mechanics of participation other than that detailed in these bases will be annulled.

Any controversy or difference regarding this activity will be submitted to the final and mandatory resolution of an Arbitration Court administered by the Lima Chamber of Commerce, in accordance with the Law of Arbitration and Mediation and Regulations of the Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima. Lima and the following standards:

a) The Tribunal will be made up of three Arbitrators, who will be selected in accordance with article 16 of the Arbitration and Mediation Law.

b) The Parties renounce their domicile and ordinary jurisdiction and agree to abide by the award issued by the Arbitration Court of the Lima Chamber of Commerce and undertake not to file any type of action or appeal against the award issued, to more than allowed by law.

c) The procedure will be confidential.

d) The Court will rule on law.

e) The Court may issue precautionary measures, in accordance with the rules of the General Organic Code of Procedures or those deemed necessary for each case.

f) For the execution of precautionary measures, the Arbitral Tribunal is empowered to request their compliance from public, judicial, police and administrative officials, without the need to resort to any ordinary judge.

g) The place of arbitration will be the facilities of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Lima Chamber of Commerce.

h) The expenses that must be incurred will be borne by the person who is overdue.


For inquiries, claims or further information, you should contact the LEVAPAN DEL PERU SAC customer service line. Telephone: 0800 74083 / Mail: / Whatsapp: 958 958 952 /

Frequent questions:

When will the winner be announced?

The winner of the prize will be announced in the Facebook status once the period to participate has ended.

How long does it take to deliver the prize?

The deadline for award delivery is a maximum of thirty (30) business days.

Can I participate if I am a foreigner?

Yes, foreigners who have a Peruvian immigration card, that is, who are legally in the country, can participate.

How many times can my business participate?

Only once per post.

How will the winner be chosen?

It will be raffled among all the participants who comment on the publication


All participants declare to know and fully accept the content of these Terms and Conditions, which may be consulted at


April 2022

Lima Peru