Guillermo Ponce De León Educational Foundation


Because in LEVAPAN We are convinced that the future of the country is built through education, we help the children of our community to have an education that meets the demands of today's society.

Located in Tuluá (Valle del Cauca), our goal is to train the children of our community in VALUES What:

Responsibility – Respect – Solidarity

The professors and directors of the foundation act under the concept of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES. We strive so that each child who joins the foundation is treated under the same principles of social inclusion, closing the gaps that prevent the possibility of sharing without any distinction.

Our pillars

  • We are guided by a training based on the learning of some art, the understanding of the cultural diversity, the practice of some sport and the acquisition of a second language - English-.
  • Our children are educated so that they grow up as free individuals, capable of facing and changing the world.
  • We form a team between teachers and parents who get involved actively in the learning process of their children.
  • At the Guillermo Ponce de León Foundation there is no room for boredom or school dropout. Teachers use a playful methodology that stimulates the learning process through experience.

Our commitments

  • Train students with innovative thinking and a passion for knowledge.
  • Inspire students in responsible care of the environment.
  • Maintain a modern and safe space with facilities suitable for learning.

For our children's dreams to come true, we need your help.

Would you like to make a donation or be a sponsor of a student?

With our donation campaign "Feed my future" you can do it.

We make bread, we make peace

A chance for a new start

More of 600 victims of the armed conflict in our country have been beneficiaries of the program WE MAKE BREAD, WE MAKE PEACE.

In this program we provide training in the preparation of bakery, confectionery and gastronomy products, as well as in good manufacturing practices and business creation.

Our purpose with the program is support victims of the armed conflict in the reconstruction of their lives, giving them tools that allow them to expand their job opportunities and develop entrepreneurial strategies.

In LEVAPAN it is our duty to contribute to the construction of a new, inclusive and reconciled country.

How do we do it?

Our technicians deliver basic bakery courses soldiers wounded in combat, soldiers and veterans, to learn about the variety of ingredients used in making bread. The courses also provide the opportunity to practice that knowledge in the preparation of salt bread, sweet bread, mantecadas, cupcakes and other delicacies.

For this we have a mobile classroom fully equipped and with capacity for 15 people.